African Customs and Beliefs

There are many undocumented customs and beliefs in African culture. Reasons for many of these beliefs have been forgotten. Do you know any strange customs? We are looking for information about old beliefs,  forgotten or not practised,  still practised today? People are caught between two ages – living in an industrialised, 1st world, but still following customs that have been practised for 100’s of years.

This can create all sorts of challenges and contradictions. Many modern Africans living in suburbia pick and choose those customs which suit them, often not following African rituals, and playing with African symbols.  Is this right? Is it healthy – Do the true practitioners agree with this? D0 you believe that spell work? Does a powerful love spell actually make someone fall in love with you, and if it does work – is it morally right, and is the healer that provided the spell actually a witchdoctor who is practicing black magic? White witches say “do no harm” – seems that if a isangoma is casting revenge spells, he or she must be an evil witch – what are your thoughts? While African beliefs and African customs dictate that a sangoma is a healer – do the customs allow the witch or witch doctor to also practise voodoo magic?

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