Children on our Roads

December 4th, 2010 Mlungu

Children present truckers and drivers with a real challenge. If you are driving around the time schools start or finish it is likely you will see scenes like this.

Watch out for children!

Schools out

These kids are happy to be out of school but are paying no attention to what is around them – the speed limit on this road is 120km/hour. At this speed there is no chance if a kid steps out.

Speed limit 120 - kids on road.

Speed limit 120 - kids on road.

In some cases the verge is non existent – the children are literally in the road.

These kids are walking up to 15km’s to get to school and back – that means that the are in the road for several hours every day. There is no way that they are aware of the risks around them for this time. In many cases they are playfully fighting with each other – pushing and shoving – a death sentence on a bad, high speed road. If a driver swerves for a pot hole, or is not concentrating, he will kill the whole group of children.

Kids on open truck

not a care in the world - Death sentence

No Verge - look how young these kids are.

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