Mr. fucking Zuma – the state does not do my books – work it out yourself and the state will check – poes!

Zuma - you are a dick!

Pay your own way – you tell us how much you owe – poes!

Listen Mr Zuma – why don’t you walk through your mansion, and extensive holdings, and you tell us what you think is included or not, and what you should pay or not.

Why must the republic pay for your shit – even now you claim privileges. Act like a citizen – not a king…… you are a servant – act like one.

Good faith does not help me as a citizen if I screw up on my VAT, Tax and other state money suckers.

Fuck you!

Apology not accepted.

You respect us first.

Fuck you!


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IMO poultry farm Avutu Nigeria – what a mess

The massive IMO poultry farm in Nigeria lies in ruins

It would seem Nigeria is no better off when it comes to managing government assets and funding. IMO poultry complex situated in Avutu in Imo state seems to be the latest scam. After contracting a South African Company (Crux) to kick start and manage the farm for a year  – which for a year went very well, until they sent the farm manager they contracted home – and promptly had all their birds die. Supposedly he was to be brought back in two weeks – but that never happened.

The farm has lain empty for 30 years and the local minister of Agriculture (Frank Ibezim) had a real job on his hands to bring the chicken farm back online. While he did a sterling job initially, it would seem that there is no real commitment other than getting the governor (Owelle Rochas Okorocha) elected for another term.

The outcome

The farm is closed again – what a waste of resources and time. The farm re-employed the original farm hands from 30 years ago before the Biafran war…. they are all out of a job again. Such a buzz was created but it seems this was only to elevate the status of the local politicians and the governor of Imo state. Lots of hype just fizzled out to nothing with a few people making a few bucks and the poor people losing out again. A reliable source says the South African employed at the farm was not paid – that seems about how things work in Nigeria.

Nigerian chicken farming

What a lovely farm – and all for nothing.

Imo poultry farm - what a mess

Google view of IMO poultry farm in Nigeria

Poultry farming in Nigeria is a difficult proposition – high humidity and high temperatures make it a real challenge. But as long as they hold onto their outdated methods and an attitude of ” we don’t baby our birds” they will be trapped into importing 90% of their poultry…which by the way is illegal anyway. And boy, do Nigerians love chicken. This massive complex is ripe for the picking – but it seems that the crew that managed to pick it cannot make it work

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Metro Police in Diepsloot – Crooked

If you have an accident with a taxi anywhere in the northern suburbs – watch out for the metro police. You will notice that they get to the scene in double quick time if there is a taxi involved. The reason for this is that the taxi driver called them.

taxi accident

Reckless Taxi Driver

In a recent accident in four ways, a taxi ran a red light and collided with a turning car. The police were on the scene within minutes. Statements were taken. The driver of the taxi, a Zimbabwean with no S.A. ID, showed his international drivers license. The scene was then cleared after the ambulance had taken the driver of the car to hospital.
The trouble started when the details on the accident report were checked. The registration of the taxi was incorrectly recorded.
The con works like this. Taxi has an accident, Metro police are called by the owner/driver. Police take statements but do not record the correct details of the taxi and the driver. The result is that everything gets tossed out of court when you try and claim. (more…)

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Another Scam in the government poultry sector

Seems the poultry industry and government are rife with scams. The latest is going around to rural folk and organising government funding for small chicken houses. The way this one works is you find yourself some illiterate rural folk – offer them a poultry house for free, collect ID numbers etc, and then apply for government funding on their behalf.

3m x 6m chicken house in Natal

The project is in rural KwaZulu Natal – Ntikiza. Nthamalala. 9 ladies were approached by a person saying that he would give them a free chicken structure, and the first batch of feed and day old chicks. They gave him their ID details and this guy got a grant for them – R18000 each. (more…)

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Corruption in Government grants for poultry houses

Tenderpreneur charges government R200 000 for chicken houses when he only paid 63 000
A company, which shall remain anonymous for the moment, was contracted to build 2 chicken houses near Nelspruit, Sidfamafa. The deal was done for government, but through a 3rd party company called xxxxx construction. The poultry houses were to be built at the Agricultural college. They were 2 x 15m x 3m houses with full house equipment. Apparently the team started building the  chicken houses and were then stopped by the director of the college because they were the wrong size. (more…)

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