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El Niño and South Africa Grain prices – affects poultry

While everyone is focused on El Niño & Climate Change and how this will affect the grain prices in South Africa, no one is really thinking about the downstream consequences of S.A. not growing her own grain. Prices on all products that use grain will increase, such as bread, maize and pap – and specifically any grain fed livestock – like chickens, beef etc. In turn this will increase the price of eggs, and of course chicken and beef. Couple this with the rand dollar – and what it has done to steel prices, and considering how many steel products are used in farming – we can expect some major price increases on many many products.

Perhaps it is time to push harder at home crops and home farming. Why anyone with even a small piece of land does not consider a crop of vegetables is beyond me, or even 5 or 6 layer hens to provide eggs for the family. When one considers that most of our population has roots in rural agricultural areas, it seems strange that we not try and provide for ourselves. Most of the basic crops are relatively easy to grow and care for – and when one takes into account the unemployment rate then labour is not an issue – just the will to try and provide. If we can boot GM crops out of South Africa these crops would be available every year at very little cost.

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We are all born in Africa

picture of Together black and white working


In the beginning we all came from Africa. Or so says DNA technology. This is quite a thing to deal with, and one I am sure, will displease many people. People who like to think that they are the “chosen ones” They come in all forms – business, religion, and a lot of the time, your neighbour. Differences in culture do not help – A powerful sangoma who promotes togetherness can have a huge influence on black and white relations – as can crooked politicians use out cultural difference to grow his power.

 Me, I am quite happy about it. Levels us all off and makes us one family – which is what the sages have been saying for millennia. We are all interconnected as we scurry around in a world which demands attention. A pity, because the attention on  the scurrying causes us to miss part of what the world is all about.

The gift of being able to be an interconnected human being and an individual is fantastic. Free will for myself, and group will, to shape the planet and the human race. Wow. Racism and separtaeness will, I think, always be a part of the human struggle – in a way it is not a bad thing, the idear that we celebrate our differences is great – I love the fact that there are so many races and cultures – once we lose our fear of being different, and our fear of others who are different, racism can be included as a positve element – postive racism – something to look forward to. In Africa, particularly, witchcraft and ancient beliefs help to cement negative difference, and often give unscrupulous leaders the ammunition and the means to promote difference in a negative way. The absolute belief in the evil side of the other world, and spirit world, allows for the manipulation of the masses. It is a pity that leaders, who are mostly eductated, use these beliefs to further there own power base.

To all of those who were born in Africa, welcome. Leave us your thoughts and musings.Tell us what you think about racism, about witchcraft and African customs – whether a powerful sangoma promoting spells and witchcraft helps South Africa or not.

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Caring for old parents

What a screwed up world we live in! Have you noticed that in many families the caring for old parents always falls on one or two siblings?

Almost without fail there is a sibling in the family who does bugger all to help and care for the aged parent. They are always too busy, have no money to help and generally shirk their responsibility.

When they are asked to help they always have a pained, oh poor me, expression and response.

Well I say screw you brother or sister. Why is it my responsibilityalone to care for Mom or Dad – why is the time and cost not shared equally? And in many cases the selfish sibling is wealthier than the rest – like they are too important and busy. I wonder if it happens in Black communities? – Maybe ubuntu sorts that out!

Man I hate that.

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