El Niño and South Africa Grain prices – affects poultry

January 25th, 2016 KeMoAforika

While everyone is focused on El Niño & Climate Change and how this will affect the grain prices in South Africa, no one is really thinking about the downstream consequences of S.A. not growing her own grain. Prices on all products that use grain will increase, such as bread, maize and pap – and specifically any grain fed livestock – like chickens, beef etc. In turn this will increase the price of eggs, and of course chicken and beef. Couple this with the rand dollar – and what it has done to steel prices, and considering how many steel products are used in farming – we can expect some major price increases on many many products.

Perhaps it is time to push harder at home crops and home farming. Why anyone with even a small piece of land does not consider a crop of vegetables is beyond me, or even 5 or 6 layer hens to provide eggs for the family. When one considers that most of our population has roots in rural agricultural areas, it seems strange that we not try and provide for ourselves. Most of the basic crops are relatively easy to grow and care for – and when one takes into account the unemployment rate then labour is not an issue – just the will to try and provide. If we can boot GM crops out of South Africa these crops would be available every year at very little cost.

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