IMO poultry farm Avutu Nigeria – what a mess

January 16th, 2016 Nothing to do with you

The massive IMO poultry farm in Nigeria lies in ruins

It would seem Nigeria is no better off when it comes to managing government assets and funding. IMO poultry complex situated in Avutu in Imo state seems to be the latest scam. After contracting a South African Company (Crux) to kick start and manage the farm for a year  – which for a year went very well, until they sent the farm manager they contracted home – and promptly had all their birds die. Supposedly he was to be brought back in two weeks – but that never happened.

The farm has lain empty for 30 years and the local minister of Agriculture (Frank Ibezim) had a real job on his hands to bring the chicken farm back online. While he did a sterling job initially, it would seem that there is no real commitment other than getting the governor (Owelle Rochas Okorocha) elected for another term.

The outcome

The farm is closed again – what a waste of resources and time. The farm re-employed the original farm hands from 30 years ago before the Biafran war…. they are all out of a job again. Such a buzz was created but it seems this was only to elevate the status of the local politicians and the governor of Imo state. Lots of hype just fizzled out to nothing with a few people making a few bucks and the poor people losing out again. A reliable source says the South African employed at the farm was not paid – that seems about how things work in Nigeria.

Nigerian chicken farming

What a lovely farm – and all for nothing.

Imo poultry farm - what a mess

Google view of IMO poultry farm in Nigeria

Poultry farming in Nigeria is a difficult proposition – high humidity and high temperatures make it a real challenge. But as long as they hold onto their outdated methods and an attitude of ” we don’t baby our birds” they will be trapped into importing 90% of their poultry…which by the way is illegal anyway. And boy, do Nigerians love chicken. This massive complex is ripe for the picking – but it seems that the crew that managed to pick it cannot make it work

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