New Poultry Forum for South African chicken farmers

July 29th, 2011 KeMoAforika

A new Poultry Forum for South African chicken farmers has gone live on the site. It is a great place to speak to other small poultry farmers in South Africa. It is free to register and there seem to be knowledgeable users answering all sorts of questions about chicken houses and chicken farming in South Africa. It is a discussion board about poultry farming for small chicken farmers and emerging poultry farmers. It looks like they are trying to set up a group buying thingee for smaller farmers. There is also a discussion going on about government loans for chicken farmers. Chicken farming and poultry farming is growing in South Africa – especially small chicken farms. The poultry forum or chicken forum is a perfect place to discuss poultry farming and find poultry information.


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  1. Anton Laubscher (1 comments) says:

    I cant seem to find a supplier of one day old White Rocks in Gauteng…. Can someone please assist…. these are fast growing chickens

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