Tokoloshe and Muti

Muti is an African method of casting and breaking spells. A tokoloshe is an evil entity which is invisible to humans – to protect against a tokoloshe a person must use a sangoma or witch doctor or n’anga who has strong muti.

Muti to help fight tokoloshe

Charm against tokoloshe

A tokaloshe will often make friends with small children. Many things that go wrong in an African persons life are blamed on the tokoloshe. This gremlin like creature can change himself to look like a child, or a pretty woman and is often blamed for rape around South Africa. The tokoloshe is reported to have very large male genitals – and a beard. To buy a charm against a tokoloshe you will have to hunt around. Protection against this bad spirit is not easy. Muti is sometimes used in the form of animal body parts and sometimes even human body parts – this is only done by evil witch doctors.


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