Do not sweep at night!

December 1st, 2010 KeMoAforika

The Tswana people, amongst others, believe that sweeping your house or yard at night will attract witches. It is a very strong belief and is prevalent throughout South Africa. If you sweep at night the witch will easily use your broom to ride on. (Although a witch can even ride on a slice of bread or anything else)

Every day – morning and afternoon, the house and yard are swept. Cleanliness is one reason, but the driving reason is to wipe all tracks from the yard. This means that in the morning you will be able to see if the tokoloshie or a witch or a totsie (criminal) has been on your property.

The belief by many Africans in witchcraft drives and controls their lives. Every aspect of their lives is acted out with witchcraft in mind. If something goes wrong it is the tokoloshe – or the ancestors calling for a sacrifice. If something is needed – a spell will be sought out from the local sorcerer. Need love in your life – a love spell by a powerful witch is the answer – need money – try a lotto spell – every possible part of life can be controlled with spell and witchcraft. Revenge spells, spell to help stop bullets, spells that will make you score goals – and so it goes on. Of course all of these spells need money – got to pay the witch doctor or isangoma – and it is a thriving online business.

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One Response to “Do not sweep at night!”

  1. isaac boakye (1 comments) says:

    The beliefs must be repealed.
    some beliefs and customs of africans are babaric and need to change its mode. in ghana there is a witch champ in the northern region which the inmates are accused of witchcraft due to one reason or can this belief and custom bring development? the comprianants hadn’t been able to convinced me for keeping people in a villege accusing them for possessing witchcraft.we’re in the modern generation so governments of africa should stand against any babaric customs and belifes.

    in ghana too, every death from the 90 year old person to the toddler is caused by a witch.

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