What is witchcraft?

August 27th, 2011 KeMoAforika

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft in South Africa is a large part of daily life – what is witchcraft – in Africa is is a complex mixture of western religion, traditional African beliefs (from Sangoams and witch doctors) and, I am sad to say, criminal elements – I say this because if you do a search on witches or love spells or money spells – you will see hundreds of links to Traditional healers and self professed Sangomas. They claim to be able to heal any ailment from aids to a screwed up love life. Lost love spells seem to top the list. Not to mention that the poor old tokolohes seem to bear the brunt of any bad luck – deserved or not. Seems to me that tokoloshes are the biggest victims – easier to blame all our shit on the Tokoloshe.

How many of these Sangomas have gone through proper training, and how many healers are actually healers rather than con men. Soccer teams, gangsters and mothers all seek the help of Sangomas and traditional healers – lost love spells, money spells, spells against bullets and spells to make your penis larger. One has to wonder at the gullibility of our African people – in saying that – an international search for witches and spells will bring up a huge number of information about witches and witchcraft – how to be a witch? witchcraft school online? witchcraft beliefs? How to witchcraft? sorcery? Seems that the rest of the world is equally enamoured with the occult and how to manipulate people and objects. Maybe everyone wants to be a sorcerer’s apprentice – Sangoma rituals is a very popular subject – perhaps this is just curiosity – but somehow I doubt it!

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  1. jeannie (1 comments) says:

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