Racism and Apartheid – a very clever system

January 27th, 2016 KeMoAforika

Apartheid – an ingenious system that most people underestimate

Blacks, whites, Afrikaners, Indians – everyone is affected by racism. Societies response in the last few months seems to have increased – nobody want to be called a racist – seen by #pennysparrow, #GarethCliff and  #RacismMustFall. What most people do not realise is that as evil apartheid was – it as also extremely clever. Anybody who thinks that they are not affected is fooling themselves – and those who do know it, will much more easily fight this scourge.

Apartheid had a pecking order – it was structured in such a way that everyone could be better than somebody – except the last in the scheme – and they seem to be the poor old Shangaan people (not TSONGA). At the top of this shit pile of racism were the white Afrikaner, next the souties (white English speaking people),  Portuguese and Greeks seemed to be next in the pecking line, trumping the Coloreds and Indians. The Zulus seemed to be the top of the black food chain and then the Xhosa people. And so it went on – Apartheid let everyone be better than someone, and that is why racism is still so rife  with each minority thinking “damn at least I am better than them”. Apartheid took racism and made into a art – playing one culture, language, race, colour – any difference it could find, and pitted one against the other. It then made laws to back this evil system up.

While I may have got the pecking order wrong – the basic fact remains – every tribe, culture, language group and person was infected with racism. And today the majority of South African still are – in fact I would go as far as to say the majority of humans are. It is not even something you would notice – it is lurking deep in our psyche. Only with conscious effort (once you accept you are not unscathed), will you start to fight it in yourself. There is no “better” cultures, races or colours – there are only individuals who make choices everyday to be better than they were yesterday, to recognise that we are one people of many flavors.

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